How to Travel with Twin Toddlers

The number one comment/question I get is – how do you do it with twins?! Well here are my top five tips for traveling with twin toddlers. It is definitely not easy, BUT it can be done. MY number one advice is have PATIENCE. This is definitely something I struggle with daily, but it is always my biggest goal.

1. Be prepared

This goes without saying, but always be prepared for inevitable. Bring extra everything. Diapers, wipes, clothes, snacks! You can never have too many.

2. Bring entertainment

We have a setup in our car where we can attach the iPad to the headrest and the twins watch movies throughout our trip. I can’t recommend this enough. We started out with giving them phones, but with them being able to grab it, is a disaster waiting to happen. Having one iPad connected, out of their reach, eliminates that curiosity. And they are good enough to where they don’t question it.

3. Bring Umbrella Strollers

While this may be a no-brainer for singleton mommies, it is not so much for multiples mommies BECAUSE a double stroller has ALWAYS been my go-to. Since moving to England, we have found that there are very busy areas, and we bought some umbrella strollers, which have come in handy. In all of our travels, we bring the umbrella strollers. It makes it easy to take them down, if needed, and gives us the ability to fit in those small elevators (lifts).


I don’t know why this one isn’t listed higher up on this list but it is probably before strollers, especially now that airlines don’t often offer complimentary snacks, and especially since the twins are now F-O-U-R, we are not using strollers as much. Snacks, drinks, full fledged meals- they all keep them busy and away from attracting more attention to you throughout the flight.

5. Be Open Minded

Ah yes, the elephant in the room – patience and flexibility! This is something I’ve preached in previous posts, but something I still struggle with today. Mama, you are enough, you are super mom, you are YOU! Whatever situation you may find yourself in, God has a plant to take you through that storm, lean on it and let Him show you.

What tips do you have mi gente to get through those hours of traveling with kiddos? Drop them below!


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