12 months in England

Well, we have been living in England for ONE whole year. This year has flown by, yet the time has crept on like a turtle trying to finish a race.

England, is the gateway to Europe. We have been able to travel to seven different countries in 2018. I am SO excited for our travel in 2019. If you’d like to check out our travel posts, click on the country name: Ireland, France, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium.

I’m going to take this post and mention all of the places we visited solely in England.


Living in England, memberships to English Heritage and National Trust are a great way to save money an are great days out; I highly recommend them.


Stonehenge, December 2017

One of the first places we visited upon our move was Stonehenge. We have some close family friends that live in London, so I have previously visited England growing up. One of the places was Stonehenge, but of course, being the teenager that I was, I barely remember what an amazing experience it was. This time (besides the fact that it was ten years later) I was able to take in the history and have a greater appreciative mind for it all. Stonehenge is included in the English Heritage membership.

I’ll never know what a destination feels like, until I’ve been there.

– Mojita

Audley End

Audley End house and gardens, March 2018

During the spring months, we visited the Audley End house and gardens. There is so much to do and see; they even have a horse stable and farm for the kids to visit. It was a bit cold when we went in March but I bet it’s just as beautiful in the summer. Audley End is included in the English Heritage membership.


Our first punting session, Cambridge, December 2017

I swear I could never tire of visiting Cambridge. I go there at least once a week. Our first visit to Cambridge was a punting (gondola) session. Don’t know what got into our minds because it was freezing cold, but an amazing experience in any season none-the-less.

Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is definitely a beautiful visit. We went in early springtime. Besides it being cold, not all of the house was available for viewing, which is a bummer because we got rained out. There is a lot of ground to cover and the Abbey is included with your National Trust membership. I would recommend visiting in May or June when all of exhibits are available for viewing.

Leed’s Castle

We attended one of the (many, I’m sure) jousting festivals at a castle. I do believe that every castle holds its legacy, but especially for visitors, one or two castles will just about do it. Leed’s Castle has been named the “loveliest castle in the world.” There really is so much to do here and so much ground to cover. They have many events, lodging, and you can even book your wedding here! What really drew me to visit this castle was it’s ties to the Tudor and Jacobean houses.

Leed’s Castle, May 2018


We attended the Lincoln Christmas market in December 2018 and it was amazing! Besides the amazing vendors, there were loads of rides for the kiddos and tons of food stalls to get full on. We got rained on the whole time, which isn’t unusual for England weather. We had a blast regardless. It was wonderful to see everyone in their holly, jolly spirits. Not only to walk around and experience the Christmas spirit, but also take in the history of Lincoln. It truly is incredible.


London eye, December 2017

This goes without saying. We actually have not been able to do a lot in London yet, but trust me folks, it is on our list! When I visited England back in the early 2000s (yikes!, how old am I???) We toured the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, did a Jack the Ripper tour, saw a Shakespeare play; I mean we did it all folks. BUT I would love to do it all again with my husband. Plus, I am not in my teenage years revolting against everything good in life.

London bridge, December 2017

All of these places were amazing to visit. If you are a resident, investing into the National Trust or English Heritage is always great. If you are just visiting, I would say pick one or two castles that are of high importance to you and that will cover the bases. There is SO much to do here in England and people often don’t have the time to visit everything. Making a list of top priorities, researching the top things to do, and making a plan is well worth it in the end.

Wishing you a prosperous journey, wherever you may be traveling to-

19 Comments on “12 months in England

  1. Can’t wait to experience some of these first hand!! What a blessing it is for your family to have this journey together.


  2. Thanks for sharing your traveling experience with us, this is amazing to read. Wish I could make a tip to England. Keep posting your beautiful journey.


    • It’s really an incredible experience to see it in person. Hoping you get to go


  3. England really does have so much to offer in terms of it’s history and culture. Membership to the National Trust or English Heritage sounds like such a great idea to get to see so many fabulous sites. Love what you have included here and agree there is so much more which I hope you will get to see as well (hopefully with better weather!).


  4. Ohh i would love to visit England. Everything about England sounds so classy and historical. I love the accents, tea party traditions and silvery weather.


  5. Castles have a soft spot in my heart, my dream is to one day to be able to tour the world looking at all the castles. What an amazing list of things to see and do.


  6. Your post looks very inviting. I was just for one time in England and I didn’t really like it there. After reading your post I maybe have to visit other places one day. Very lovely pictures!


  7. Living in an entirely new place must mean you never run out of things to explore! Love that you chose to get out there and see what was around.


  8. WOW! Your pictures are so beautiful, it looks as if your family had a lovely time. I’ve always wanted to visit England, and your post only makes me want to visit there sooner. Thank you for posting your experience for all of us to enjoy!


  9. Your pictures says it all. You sure know it right. One who experiences it this way sure has all reasons to come back again. Such beauty in a place for all


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