December feature with Quintessential

It’s the gifting season, right? What better way to introduce some gifts than with an amazing small business with a heart of gold. I was gifted their Sorrento cross-body bag (similar, here) and it has been my go-to every day bag.

Quintessential Cambridge began in the megastore Harrods, and has since grown to sell women’s and men’s accessories to fit every style. Check out their interview below and let me know what your favorite item is!

Who came up with Quintessential and what is the meaning behind the name?

PC | Quintessential Cambridge

The company was originally called Carlos Quinteiro, we had a range of scarves stocked in Harrods under that name. However, as the company grew we felt that we need something that represented the brand we liked Quinteiro and saw the word Quintessential in a House and Garden magazine, hence the name. Also Quintessential means ‘a perfect example of’, and we quite liked this.

How did Paul and Carlos decide they wanted to sell purses, scarves, and accessories tailored mainly for women? Are there plans to expand the men’s line further?

We started selling interiors, cushions, bedspreads etc inspired from our travels in Rajasthan, India. We launched a small ladies bag range which was a huge success and realised that women were buying more fashion accessories than interiors. It was also the the time that Pashmina’s were literally everywhere!

Yes, definitely expanding the mens range. Socks will be available next year!

What is their favorite source of inspiration so far?

India as whole. We have travelled the length and and breadth of India and would definitely say this is where it all started and our value of colour is where this comes from.

What made Quintessential want to donate their end-of-lines to Bloodies and why that organization over others?

Carlos was diagnosed with leukemia just under 10 years ago. The medication and work that Bloodwise does has luckily enabled him to live a normal life. 

Where are you located and how can we place an order?

We are located right outside of the Cambridge city centre. Check our website out at 

Thank you to Laura at Quintessential who helped put this interview together. 

Happy holidays and many blessings, 

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