CariPro Electronic Toothbrush Review

I have been using the Smile Brilliant CariPro for a month now and have noticed a substantial difference, not only in the shade of my teeth, but also the healthiness.

1. Powerful movements

a. The feeling of the movement on my teeth feel incredible vs. using a manual toothbrush

2. Different settings

a. With a manual toothbrush, there isn’t much to the imagination, but with an
electric toothbrush, I have five different brush modes that I can enable. This
really helps my teeth feel like they are worked on every time I brush.

3. Lasts longer

a. Dentists recommend that you change your brush every three months. Instead of
buying a whole new toothbrush at that time, I simply need to buy a replacement
brush head, which makes it extremely convenient.
If you feel you want to try out the electronic toothbrush, I have a discount for 20% off your purchase –  “MOJITA20”
Happy brushing!

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