Ireland – Top Four Things to Do

We spent a total of two days in Ireland and really just did the basics.

Dublin Castle

Guinness Brewery

Cliffs of Moher

We got rained out at Cliffs of Moher, but decided to make the climb regardless. This is how it looked when we got to the top, but you can see what it’s supposed to look like on a clear day here (breathtaking, right?).



We decided to stay in a town near the cliffs since it was a four hour drive back to Dublin. This little town was quiet and quaint, and also rained out :(. We enjoyed our stay regardless and were able to catch a glimpse of a local castle.


We are hoping to be back sometime before our tour is up in the UK, but if not, Ireland, you were so good to us!





    1. It has been one of my favorites to visit thus far. Just be prepared for rain because it is so unpredictable

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