Valentine’s Day With Oh, Susannah

This Valentines Day is different for so many reasons- We are now living in a different country, we are still adjusting to the culture, and we have two toddlers running around so can’t exactly do a date night and leave them home. The month of February also happens to be our anniversary month. I know, i know, but it’s a good thing. Amongst everything that’s been going on I still enjoy a little laugh now and then. Since our move is so recent and we don’t have a babysitter we are keeping it low key with a good home cooked meal (prime rib!).

So when I got the opportunity to work with an amazing company on a piece of bedding- I was all in. I’m deciding to put a twist on this pillow cover. The pillow cover is worded on both sides and I’m going to let Santiago and Sofía decide what is going on ‘tonight’.

We are transitioning them into toddler beds, so I am hoping for tonight- they will sleep the entire night in their beds!

I’ve linked my exact pillow case here, but you can check out other cases, cute mugs, and designer decor here. Susannah is currently doing a Valentine’s Day sale, so don’t miss out on the savings!

Wishing everyone a delicious Valentine’s Day,


9 Comments on “Valentine’s Day With Oh, Susannah

  1. This pillow is everything! So clever and so honest…not to mention totally funny!


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