Weekend Getaway to Palm Springs

Since our move across the pond is less than a month away, we decided to take advantage of our 4-day Veteran’s Day weekend and go somewhere we haven’t been in California. 

Palm Springs, California was our destination of choice – more like a staycation. The temps are starting to get cooler in San Diego, so the 85 degree desert weather was just calling us (I am a beach bum by birth). The weather was perfect, so the normal 110 degrees, was more like 78 degrees. We stayed at the Renaissance® by Marriott. The view was amazing of the mountains with some palm tree accents.

View from our balcony

Crazy about agua

We decided to be adventurous and hop on the aerial tramway – which was such an amazing experience.

Over 8,000 feet above sea level! Surreal experience indeed.

Our last stop was a bit of ice cream- which come on- i cannot deny!! Great Shakes , Palm Springs



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