Summer Fun in Colorado

Michael’s abuela (grandma) is turning the BIG 9-0 y la familia decided to throw a full out reunion-style bash for sweet Minnie Sandoval (fireworks! confetti! balloons! excitement!). We were so excited that we could be able to celebrate with the entire Sandoval family (Michael’s mother’s side of the family). Our biggest fear however, was that it would be Santiago and Sofia’s first time flying. ever. and we weren’t sure how it would turn out.

THE FLIGHT was not that bad. I go from zero to one hundred in two point five seconds, so I have to admit that it was not that bad. We decided to fly Southwest and I am happy we did. Since we have two lap children we were not able to sit in the same row but were able to get two aisle seats in the same row. I loved that Southwest has family boarding. It honestly makes things so much easier and one less thing to stress about.

THINGS I RECOMMEND for the flight are snacks (we brought pouches, milk, teething wafers, and cookies), entertainment (we brought an iPad and downloaded their new favorite movie, Moana), carrier (we actually didn’t bring one but wish I had because being hands free is so much more convenient), diapers and wipes just in case you run out, and of course, your patience.

Headphones actually helped out– a lot!
But first, duck lips 

THE TRIP was so much fun. We went camping with the Cruz/Vela family Monday-Wednesday in Cotopaxi, Colorado. We stayed in a cabin with amenities such as a bed, kitchen and bath…so i guess it would be glamping, but fun, nonetheless. I would recommend bringing insect repellent (the bugs are horrible in Colorado), sunscreen, pack-n-play, plenty of extra clothes, and lots of water. Mi cunada (sister-in-law) brought a playpen to keep the little ones from wandering off too far and not getting dirty. It was such a good idea! She also brought a travel high chair, which was so convenient!

Our mini break from being in isolation at Salida. 

We visited Garden of the Gods during our stay and although the heat nearly made me pass out, it was a beautiful site to see.

Santiágo and Sofia had so much fun at Pueblo City Park and enjoyed each ride!

GRANDMAS BIRTHDAY BASH was so amazing. We were able to connect with family not only from the US, but from Australia and the UK as well. It was incredible to be there and celebrate. It was also the first time most of the family got to meet the twins so that was special as well.

Sofía walked all the way to grandma Minnie just to wish her happy birthday 

La familia Cruz y Vela 

There were 90 of us total- what a legacy!

I wouldn’t change anything about our trip except more patience. I pray for patience everyday and I know it is something that is highly sought after.

Be blessed, always


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