Cruz Clubhouse First Birthday

Santiago & Sofia’s first birthday could not have been better. We were overwhelmed with the amount of support that came through, especially with the location not being at either of our home states (Michael-Colorado, Me-Florida). My mother-in-law and brother-in-law flew in and we had some familia drive down from L.A. which was nice. I loved that we had some familia presence with us.

So we decided on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. It honestly wasn’t because they were tied to the show- they rarely watched TV and didn’t have the attention span yet to grasp what was going on, so we winged it.

Pinterest is my best friend. A lot of my inspiration was founded on what I discovered from Pinterest.

We wanted to keep it somewhat simple- although Cubans tend to go from 0-100 in .25 seconds. Luckily, I have my husband to keep me grounded. We (my husband) set a budget and we (my husband) tried our best to stick to it.


We didn’t want to spend too much on food so we ordered some sandwiches and crossaints from Costco, made some dip, and I made some flan. We spent $70 on food for 60 people.

S-M-A-S-H  C-A-K-E-S

My manager is a Betty Crocker guru and makes the best cakes! She was so generous in coming over the morning of and make these delicious cakes.


I bought S&S’s birthday outfits from the cutest shop based in Florida. Santiago’s outfit can be found here and Sofía’s here.


We really wanted to stick to our budget so we definitely implemented our bargain skills. We bought Mickey plates, cups, utensils, the piñata and banners from the dollar tree and party city. For goody bags, I found some at the dollar tree and amazon.

Mi prima (cousin) is so crafty and creative she made the photo props, backdrops, and Mickey ears!

I bought Santiago and Sofía’s outfits but decided to make my own shirt. I originally bought a plain white v-neck tee at Michaels but ruined it because I had the iron on too long for the heat press. If you follow these instructions to the t, you can’t go wrong.

First birthdays can be so stressful but having the support of friends and family makes it so much easier, I promise! I know this was more for us than it was for S&S but I know I will have these memories forever.

Stay loving and creative, always,


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