Sleep Training Twins

I have received a lot of questions on how Santiago and Sofia (S&S) sleep at night so I thought I’d share a few tips on our process to getting them to sleep through the night. F I R S T L Y, I need to give a HUGE shout-out to my husband, Michael for making this happen. I am such an emotional person, and the path we took, brought all three of us (S&S and I) to tears (bring the tissues!).

So, Michael did a lot of research on the ‘best’ way to get S&S on the same schedule. Let me preface by: in parenting, there is no right or wrong way, just the best way that works for you and your babes. We decided on the sleep training method, and more specifically, The Ferber Method (cry-it-out). There are soooo many techniques to getting your babe to sleep through the night, so don’t feel like you are bound to this one. Let me include a second preface by saying, just because your baby cries when you put them down does NOT mean that they are in pain- this did take me awhile to realize.

Our sleep training took about a week to complete and they have both been sleeping through the night since S&S were four months old.

FIRST- S&S never slept in our bed. During their first few months of life we had bassinets by my side, I would bring them in bed to nurse and put them back. Every. Single. Time. I am honestly not sure whether this plays a role in how well they sleep without you, but we did not, and it worked for us. A couple of weeks before I returned to work (S&S were four months old when I returned to work), we sleep trained them and moved them into their own room (same room, different cribs).

We followed the method to-the-tee and this was our plan:

Day 1 – 3 min (1st interval); 5 min (2nd interval); 10 min (3rd interval); 10 min (remaining intervals)

Day 2 – 5 min; 10 min; 12 min; 12 min

Day 3 – 10 min; 12 min; 15 min; 15 min

Day 4 – 12 min; 15 min; 17 min; 17 min

Day 5 – 15 min; 17 min; 20 min; 20 min

Day 6 – 17 min; 20 min; 25 min; 25 min

Day 7 – 20 min; 25 min; 30 min; 30 min

So, at those intervals is when you go in to check on babe. You are not supposed to pick them up, you can console them, rub their back, touch them, but DON’T PICK THEM UP- this was another sad reality I came to face. It was the hardest thing to hear them cry and not be able to pick them up. But trust me mamas, for your own sanity, they are OK! And all the tears throughout that week were worth it, because now they go to sleep around 6 p.m. and wake up at 7 a.m. #PARENTWIN (can I get an AMEN)!

Another thing that helped us and we still use to this day is white noise. During sleep training, we literally used my hairdryer, and it worked. Now we use an app on our iPad and it plays throughout the night.

Check out the baby sleep site, they have so many other sleep training methods and I know you are bound to find a method that works for you.

What sleep training methods worked for you and your littles?

Here’s to praying for some more zzzz’s.


Santiágo and Sofía’s pajamas- Lenny Lemons 🍋

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