Introducing Solids

I think I am with most mamas here when I say that after a baby’s’ 4-month well check-up visit and the pediatrician gives the all-clear to start solids, we celebrate (cue fireworks)! I thought that introducing solids was going to solve all my mommy issues (boy was I wrong). The first few tries were… interesting. Fast forward to a couple months later and we were on the right track with stage 2 foods and the exciting journey (for some) on mixing different ingredients.

At first, I was motivated to ensure my babies had the best ingredients entering their bodies. So I would steam, boil, and cook their meals. Some foods that the twins loved were zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, cheese, peas. I would suggest introducing soft foods at first. It may take a few tries until they begin to favor a certain ingredient. Also, I would hold off on introducing sweet foods until veggies are covered. Once we hit the mangoes, there was no turning back.

Now that the twins are over one I am kind of forced to cook their meals, not that it is an obligation but I must be more conscious with ensuring they are getting their nutritional value every day. I find myself needing to get creative with what I cook for them.

Sofia has always been an excellent eater. That girl will eat just about anything you hand her. I thought lemons were going to be a hilarious introduction but, surely, she made a face and continued to eat the lemon.

Santiago on the other hand, is an extremely picky eater. It takes multiple tries to get him to eat something, especially if he does not favor it. He also goes through phases. He will love avocado and beans one day and then the next throw a fit if I even dare bring the spoon close. I have done a lot of research on this and these phases, are for the most part, normal. As long as he is continuing to thrive very little else matters.

With regards to cooking tools, I honestly boil most veggies and bake or cook chicken. I’ve also used our ninja to blend some foods. No fancy food mixer required.

Solids can be such a fun adventure… messy, but altogether, fun. And I fully understand now the phases that they go through.

Cheers to an amazing journey on solids!


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