Five Diaper Bag Essentials

Since the twins turned one I find myself changing up what I put in their diaper bag. It seems that I need more of Neosporin than I do their pacifier. I wanted to share some of the essentials I now need being that Santiago and Sofia are more mobile and needing different things.

  1. First Aid- I did have a first aid kit in their diaper bag but I seem to be adding more of Neosporin and Tylenol and less of formula packets.
  2. Snacks- E-V-E-R-Y single time that we are out we need to feed these kids…I mean…I guess they do need to eat. Since they aren’t eating t-bone steaks and baked potato yet, we stick with yummy pouches and mum mums. I like to also bring cheerios and teething wafers, maybe some apple sauce if I am feeling dangerous.
  3. Change of clothes- almost always, one kid has a tremendo blowout and need to change their clothes. I have learned the hard way to always pack a change of clothes. I also pack a sweater, extra pair of socks, and a bottom.
  4. Sunscreen- Even when Santiago & Sofia were two months old we brought sunscreen with us but it wasn’t a necessity. Now that they are mobile and it’s always a minimum of 75 degrees in sunny San Diego, sunscreen is a must! I usually have a pouch and carry all my first aid + sunscreen.
  5. Hand Sanitizer/Cleaning wipes/Diaper baggies- this goes without saying and was probably included in their bag since day one but I definitely find myself using these things a lot more nowadays.

I would LOVE to hear any other items that may have helped you once your babies turned the big O-N-E.

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2 Comments on “Five Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. I would say the obvious diapers and wipes but we’ve left the house without them in the past so extra diapers and wipes in the car is a lifesaver. Snacks are a definite must, even now with my toddlers being 2 and 4, they are constantly snacking. We as adults can go hours without eating and are fine with it but kids aren’t and they will retaliate. Our kids was great water drinkers and don’t get too much sugary liquids. A bottle of water is a must-have for me. I’ll even keep bottles of water in the car. We usually keep a first aid kit, extras clothes, blankets, jackets, shoes, socks, underwear (once they’re trained or training) and sunscreen in the car so we’re not without them. We would also have a toy or two in case the kids become too antsy, i.e. sitting in the shopping cart, waiting room etc. Great list Amanda!

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