Top Essentials to Survive the First Year of Life With Twins

One thing that I love to do is look up essentials that help me survive with twins. Winning at life right now is a major accomplishment. The first four months of Santiago & Sofia’s life I was on maternity leave. At first I was SO excited to have four months off to do nothing but raise my freshly-born-new-to-the-world twinkies. By the time I deep cleaned the house, re-arranged my closet, organized the kitchen…. week one was done. It was then that I realized I needed to make better use of my time off. Needless to say I had plenty of time to research and try little things here and there to help me raise my bundles of joy.

So I have to say that my husband was away for one month (during Santiago & Sofia’s second month of life) and I literally did not leave our room unless I was starving or had to take our dog (Azteca) out to pee. Luckily, my mamma and abuela came to visit for one of those weeks and helped out SO SO much!


So here it goes, this list is by far not an all inclusive list and I’d love to hear what helped YOU through your babies first year of life. 

  • Boppy (or other pillow to have them rest on)- I seriously had these on our bed with them chillin on them and they loved them! You can find the one I had and similar ones here
  • Carrier- We were beyond blessed to have been given two carriers to use so we did not have to buy any and they absolutely do their job. I have read a lot on the Twingaroo carrier and would’ve probably bought it if we weren’t given ours. I still wear my babies and they are 20+ pounds! You can read more on the twingaroo carrier here and the specific carriers I have here. I actually bought a baby wrap to try out, my husband loved it, you can find the one I bought here. My suggestion would be to try some out at the store, there are so many different kinds and variants it really is a personal preference on what suits you best. 

  • Stroller- I did SO much research on strollers, especially for twins and this one is the best one I could find that is reasonably priced. I absolutely LOVE this stroller and it has held up extremely well. You can switch the seats up to seven different combos, the seats fully recline and the stroller is compatible with most car seats!!! 
  • Bassinet- The twins were in their bassinets until about 4 months. I kept their bassinets by my bed and it made it extremely convenient for night feeds. We were so blessed to be given these bassinets by our cousin. I loved that the bassinet can also act as a rocker and has under bin storage. There are so many great bassinets out there but you can find the one we chose here.

  • Play Gym/ Developmental Toys- These things helped immensely with helping them improve on their developmental milestones. The play gym helped with tummy time and there are so many toys that can help with grabbing, picking up and crawling. Once they started standing I loved our sit-to-stand walkers, jumpers and activity tables. 
  • Teethers- We are going through teething now; I swear teething does not stop until about 2 years old! We have tried so many things and love vibrating teethers, teething rings, silicone teethers, and of course the infamous Sophie la Giraffe.
  • Swaddles/blankets- I have spoken to so many parents on the topic of swaddling and it can go either way. For us specifically, we loved swaddling our babies. I swear it helped them sleep longer and feel secure. There are so many different swaddles, beware of the thin, loose ones- they don’t fit as snug. 
  • Bouncers – Oh man when a baby cries- you’d do just about anything to make it stop! Bouncers were our best friends during their first few months of life. We didn’t go with any one specific, expensive one; honestly anything that vibrates, sings or moves will do just fine. 

  • Rocker/ Glider- I used a glider WAY passed the twins turning one! It was a serious life saver when you’re nursing, pumping, soothing, sleeping, or even snapping pics of your babes! You can find the one we bought here; it worked awesome, even has two side pockets, and is reasonably priced. 

  • Bottle warmer- I don’t know what I would do without a bottle warmer; especially with night feeds where we absolutely needed a bottle warmed up. I also loved that this one came with a cooler for two bottles!
  • Sterilizer- Our master bedroom is on the second floor. We decided to make our lives a little less hectic and stand up a mini fridge, bottle warmer and sterilizer to minimize unneeded trips downstairs. This sterilizer worked great and I know there are many others out there. 

For any new or soon to be mommas out there, I’d love to say it gets better, and it definitely does in most ways but I feel adjusting and adapting to your babies’ needs is the most important thing- oh and of course that tender loving care!

What would YOU add to this list? 

Gracias por leer! 


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