Surviving Your Hospital Stay

Hola mi gente! 💃🏻 I thought I would write about what I brought to the hospital and what I wish I would’ve brought.

During my pregnancy one of the things I was most worried about was what to take to the hospital. Full disclaimer: every woman’s pregnancy journey is different and even more so her labor and delivery experience.

I searched all over Pinterest and read tons of blogs on what to take and what not to take to the hospital. I figured I would share my experience of goodies that I took which helped immensely in surviving a week long stay.
I knew the possibility of having a C-section was there, I guess I just never mentally prepared myself for actually having to have one- and the aftermath. I was lucky that the hospital provided most of the essentials that I needed and never brought. Things like pads, mesh underwear, towels, an abdominal binder, dishwashing liquid, nipple guard, lanolin.

Things to have in your hospital bag:

  1. Phone charger- because not even the most smartest phone will last a week!
  2. Pillows & blankets- hospital stays can drag on- I didn’t bring any pillows from home but wish I would’ve. I had 5 pillows in my bed and was still uncomfortable. Hospitals are so damn cold. I would bring an extra blanket just to keep warm.
  3. Robe- My sister bought me a robe on Etsy and I absolutely LOVED it! It was the less expensive one (didn’t have an opening in the back for an epidural) but I was so pleased with it and I still use it today. I didn’t use it while in labor but used it every day after. It was so convenient while nursing the bebes and felt super light to keep it on all the time! The sleeves are 3/4 length so they don’t go down all the way to your wrist which I loved. It didn’t get in the way when I needed to change diapers or…. use the bathroom. You can find the robe I had and similar ones here.
  4. Socks/slippers- I was a bit swollen for a few days so sandals felt tight. I wore socks most of the time and when I had to walk I wore some comfy slippers. It honestly made a difference.
  5. Snacks- Boy I didn’t realize how much hospital food sucked! I would bring some snacks that you love to eat during the day when hospital food just won’t cut it. Also, think about your partner. Usually meals only come for the patient and not the partner, so bringing some extra goodies for your main squeeze can help.
  6. Pajama dress- I never thought about pajamas but asked a friend last minute and she recommended these pajamas from Target. These are perfect! Doctors were constantly examining me and my scar and having this dress made it 10% less awkward. Plus, it was super easy to nurse the bebes. You can find the one I bought and similar ones here.
  7. Cosmetics- toothbrush/paste, brush, bath essentials, & makeup if you plan to get pretty.

That is about all I could think of. With regards to baby- I would bring a going home outfit and that’s about it. The hospital provided EVERYTHING I needed: blankets, diapers, wipes, caps and feeding essentials.

I’d love to hear any tips/suggestions/or what you brought with you to the hospital that made your stay that much better!

Gracias por leer/ thank you for reading!


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